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SDRConnect is On Its Way


News from SDRplay


A Cross-Platform Solution


Those familiar with the SDRplay series of receivers will have, no doubt, used the SDRUno software. The software is very nice to use, but the big snag is that it only runs on Windows machines.


Earlier in the year, SDRplay announced SDRConnect.


What’s SDRConnect? Well, in short, it’s a cross-platform piece of software to work in conjunction with the SDRPlay receivers. Demonstrations have been seen at the Dayton Hamvention and also Friedrichshafen, where the software was seen running on a Mac (OS X) and a Raspberry Pi.


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There will also be the option to situate the receiver remote from the computer running the SDRConnect software. This sounds very exciting.


The bad news is that the software is still in development and a few months away from being available.


However, last week, Andy Carpenter of SDRplay gave a presentation to the UK’s ‘Ham Radio Network’ on the SDRConnect project and what you might expect. The video is available here:


(Sources: SDRplay | Jon Hudson | via Tim Kirby)