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SDRplay: New Scheduler Function & Fake Products 


Use the New SDRplay Recording Functions

Schedule your own Radio Recordings

UK-based SDR receiver manufacturer, SDRplay is close to releasing a new scheduler function. Available with upcoming release version 1.41 of SDRuno, the new scheduler software allows you to set up numerous recording events for your radio.  As well as providing all the expected calendar options (time of day, date, start and stop times, repeating options and so on), you can also set the ‘profile’ for each recording – this allows you to pre-set frequencies, bandwidths, demodulator options (AM/FM/USB/LSB, and so on), choice of filters and antenna port selection. 

Additionally, you can choose the settings for connectivity to other third party software or the running of a specific plugin. Watch out for new demonstration videos on the SDRplay YouTube channel (the URL is below). 

SDRplay also asked us to warn our readers that there’s an increase in the number of rogue traders and fake “SDRplay” products out there on the internet and urge everyone to double-check that they are only buying from SDRplay or their approved resellers.

Some of the counterfeit devices appear cosmetically the same as the genuine SDRplay® devices. There is a high likelihood that these devices will not work, since the counterfeiters have no access to the rigorous production test solutions used by SDRplay. 

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(Source: Jon Hudson, SDRplay)  

[email protected]

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