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SDRplay: New Website


Less is More

Check out SDRplay's New Online Presence


SDRplay Marketing Director Jon Hudson reports that UK-based SDR receiver manufacturer, SDRplay has completely revamped its website. Because its new SDR receiver products are all about the software, owners of its RSP SDR receiver hardware need ready access to the latest features. With that in mind, and based on customer feedback, SDRplay has redesigned its homepage to make it easier, for newcomers and experts alike, to navigate their way to the latest software and support needed.


Using the principle that ‘less is more’, there are now just 5 top-level menu categories; the attached picture indicates how everything is now grouped under products, purchase, software downloads, help, and ‘miscellaneous’, for everything else. So far, SDRplay reports a positive reaction since launching the website in late March 2021, and the number of support requests has dropped noticeably. 


New software products – which arrived in March and April 2021 via the new website – include several new community plugins, including Jan van Katwijk’s Weather Fax plugin for SDRuno, which is proving very popular.


Check out the new website here:

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