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SDRplay SDRuno Scheduler


Identify AM Broadcasts with Ease

A New Plugin

SDRplay is releasing a public beta version of its much-anticipated SDRuno Scheduler function (see: Radio User, July 2021: 11). At a recent webinar hosted by the Dover Amateur Radio Club, several AM DXers joined in and were extremely enthusiastic about its potential for helping identify those ‘mystery stations’.

This is achieved by setting the recorder to select short ‘top-of-the-hour’ segments. Most broadcasters announce their station ID at the top of the hour. The picture shows how easy it is to set up such a repeating request, which can either be for an IQ recording of the whole AM band in one go or – as in this example – the capture of a simple, 2-minute, audio sample of a specific frequency, on the hour every hour, for 48 hours.

Also available in SDRuno V1.41 is a new ADSB Plugin, which simplifies the way you can use an SDRplay RSP for decoding real-time transponder signals from aircraft in your vicinity. You simply ensure you have a suitable antenna for 1.090GHz and launch SDRuno and the new ADSB Plugin.

This new Plugin works with freely available Virtual Radar Server software, which collects the data from the SDRuno plugin and produces a clickable map that shows all the aircraft found in real-time. Anyone who has an RSPduo (the dual tuner SDR) can simultaneously listen to the corresponding ATC voice channel to monitor the pilot interaction with air traffic control.

Mike, KD2KOG  from SDRplay has produced a comprehensive app note covering this and the many ways this new plugin can be used to customise displays via its internal ADSB web server.

SDRplay is also working closely with several antenna manufacturers to jointly recommend antennas for SDRplay SDRs and vice versa. There are now some videos demonstrating how active magnetic loop antennas can be used for HF and below.

For these and videos on all the topics mentioned here, go to the SDRplay YouTube channel (URL at the end).

The RSP family of SDR receivers range in price from around £100 to £240.

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They are available directly from SDRplay Ltd., or Martin Lynch &Sons, Moonraker, Nevada, Radioworld, SDR-Kits, and Waters & Stanton.

A full traders list for our international readers can be found at the second URL, below

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