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SeaTTY and Weather Data


Receiving RTTY weather information on short wave.

Weather Data from Hamburg on RTTY

Today, I decided that I needed a change. So, instead of switching on my usual WXFAX / RTTY software, Zorns Lemma 11.42, I downloaded the most recent copy of SeaTTY, by DXSoft. This is a program I used extensively in the past, for NAVTEX, WXFAX and RTTY. I wanted to see how it worked with my Lowe HF150 HF receiver, and whether the reception of RTTY was clean. I was not disappointed. The images show DWD on 7644.2kHz, received at around 14:20, with the Spectran spectrum display software switched in, as well as the famous Peak Level Meter by Darkwood Designs. I use the latter for almost anything that goes into my PC soundcard. What you are seeing is some clear text and some synoptic data relating to weather in the Aegean Sea. Check out the text on the General Synoptic Situation in Europe too. Reception was stable, owing to the quality of the Lowe HF150, and due to my use of the Wellbrook AR1530 Loop Aerial.

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