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Software Defined Radio Academy 27-28 June 2020


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Software Defined Radio Academy: 27-28 June 2020

The DARC reports that this year’s Software Defined Radio Academy is taking place as an online conference: “Because of the great number of contributions, we are spanning the conference over two days: Saturday, June 27 and Sunday, June 28 2020. We also decided to start the stream in the afternoon to give our overseas audience a fair chance to participate. We have pre-recorded the talks, so there is no back-channel or interruption during the talks, but the speakers will be available in our video conferencing system and we will closely observe all the comments that will be submitted into the channel. At the end of the individual slots, there is always a little time left for the speakers to respond. So there is a certain degree of interaction and we do encourage you to make use of it. Our mother organisation, the German Amateur Radio Club DARC also decided to provide a decent online substitute to the HAMRADIO Hamvention that was called off by the authorities and I’m proud to say that our team was giving the ideas and helped this really large event to take place. Altogether our video team, the team from Faszination Amateurfunk and the DARC permanent staff managed to provide more than 60 hours of talks, discussions and fantastic content, which will be streamed […].

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(Sources: DARC)