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Special Broadcast For Peru’s Bicentennial


Celebrate via Radio

Enjoy Music from Beautiful Peru

In honour of the Bicentennial of Peru’s independence, a special hour of Peruvian music hosted by Luis Alejandro Vallebueno with guests Estefania Rivera and  ‘Uncle Bill Tilford will air on WRMI, which is graciously sponsoring the program.   It will be in Spanish and directed towards Central and South America, but the back end of the transmission should be listenable in much of North America.  The music will be a combination of world-famous artists and others probably not known outside of Peru.  There will also be some items regarding history, customs and shortwave in Peru.

[Look out for future contributions on other Special Broadcasts in the next few issues of RadioUser, we have some amazing surprises for you, from all over the Globe – Ed.].

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(Source and thanks to SWLing Post; SWLing Blog; Thomas Witherspoon)