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Stampfl MWS-1 Standing Wave Barrier


From 0.15-30MHz

A Very Useful Accessory

Heinz Stampfl Ham Electronics in Switzerland are the makers of the MWS-1 (MW= Mantelwellensperre). This standing wave barrier device sits either directly at the aerial, at the receiver end, or, indeed, at both ends. It can be useful to improve reception on Short Wave because it suppresses interference in the outer part of the aerial cable (‘Mantel’) without affecting the signal you are after.

The MWS-1 has two SMA connectors. I shall be using this little accessory for a few weeks and see how I get on with it, using my Wellbrook AR1530 Loop and various receivers. On the top shelf in the shack at the moment are the Deepelec Deep SDR 101, the SDRplay RSPdx, and the AOR AR 7030.

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The SMA-BNC antenna connectors shown in one of the photographs are not included. 


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