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Tecsun AN-48X Active Portable Loop Antenna


An Introduction to the New Tecsun AN-48X Active Portable Loop Antenna (Nevada)

Tecsun AN48X Active Loop Antenna from Nevada


Mike Devereux, MD of Nevada group reports that the new AN48X portable active receiving loop antenna from Tecsun, the AN-48X, is now available. The AN-48x is an active loop antenna for enhancing shortwave (SW), medium wave (MW/AM) and longwave (LW) reception. Full frequency coverage is 120-400kHz, 520-1700kHz, and 3500-20,000kHz. The antenna is supplied with a full range of accessories, including adapters to connect to BNC and RCA sockets, a suction cup for hanging the wire loop and a Ferrite coupler. Powered by two AAA batteries ( not included) it will also work with portable radios that do not have an external antenna jack. The unit is both portable and very lightweight, ideal for travelling, Priced at just £39.95, it is very affordable.

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