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A New High-End Portable Arrives

News from Tecsun


It appears that Tecsun has two more portable radios up its sleeve, the PL-990X (the eXport-version for Europe) and the larger S9900/ H-501. From what I hear, however, those will also be the final multi-band portables to developed by the firm. In terms of design, both radios seem more than a little inspired by the Grundig Satellites (500 and 700) of the past. Nevada Radio is getting stock this week, and the radio is advertised in the October issue of RadioUser at £259.95.

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The PL-990 is, perhaps, the more eagerly-anticipated of the two new models, at least for now; we understand there will eventually be a review of the radio in the 2021 edition of the WRTH. A few preliminary – and largely inconclusive – tests have already been conducted and published online. Some have focused on comparing the new radio with the Tecsun PL-880, and the results so far seem interesting. ‘Game-changer’, ‘must-have-radio’ or incremental upgrade? Here at RadioUser, we have commissioned our own more in-depth authoritative review of this eye-catching new radio for the next available issue, so keep your eyes peeled.