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Test Transmission Today: 1089kHz


Kuban Radio Transmitting Centre

St. Petersburg DX Club News

A challenge to all Direction-Finders: Today, on February 1, 2023, from 07.00 UTC the Kuban Radio Transmitting Centre (North Caucasus) will go on air on 1089 kHz for test transmission, which will take TWO days until 07.00 UTC on February 3, 2023, at 1200 kW power. Radio Sputnik programme in Russian will be broadcast.

Reception reports are welcome to [email protected]

They will be verified with e-QSL cards.

In your reception reports please indicate:

  • Place of reception
  • Date
  • Time UTC or MSK
  • Reception conditions (urban development, rural area...)
  • Receiver: portable receivers with built-in antennas preferred: simple Chinese, Grundig, Sony, VEF, Spidola, Okean, etc.
  • Signal rating (SINPO, SIO, excellent - good – satisfactory, etc.)


In addition to (or instead for) programme details, if possible, please make a small audio or video recording.

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For further details, please contact St. Petersburg DX Club at:

[email protected]


(Sources: Funkamateur (DE) | Chrissy Brand | Радиорубка ('Funkraum') in VK ( sowie
"DX-Seite Novosibirsk" ( by Igor Jorjamenko).  




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