The April 2021 issue of Practical Wireless is now available


Here are some of the highlights:

Review − The Radio Geeks 144/430MHz Dual-Band Inflatable Antenna: Tim Kirby GW4VXE tries out an intriguing antenna for 2m and 70cm.

Review − The Tiny SA Spectrum Analyser and Signal Generator: Tim Kirby GW4VXE plays with and recommends a handy and inexpensive piece of test equipment.

Metal Oxide Varistors and their Uses: Colyn Baillie-Searle GD4EIP explains the ins and outs of a useful but oft-overlooked device.

Making Waves: Steve White G3ZVW is Making Waves in a rather different way, by talking a lot of nonsense. This is because the claims made by some advertisers for signal coverage and antenna gain are nonsense. 

Amateur Radio on a Budget, Part Two: Daimon Tilley G4USI takes a look at budget options for getting started at VHF/UHF.

The World of VHF: Tim Kirby GW4VXE has all the usual VHF news but starts with a discussion of FM mobile operation on the 70MHz band.

What Next: Colin Redwood G6MXL looks at getting equipped to operate away from home.

Notes from a Small Station: Joe Chester M1MWD continues to ponder possible improvements to his station and antennas.

Kits & Modules: Geoff Theasby G8BMI takes a simple circuit and shows how it can be developed for multiple uses.

A Surprising Code – Morse Revealed, Part 2: Mike Bedford G4AEE continues his quest to reveal some of the lesser-known facts about Morse Code.

The Morse Mode: Roger Cooke G3LDI has his usual selection of Morse-related topics.

HF Highlights: Steve Telenius-Lowe PJ4DX reports from his island QTH, but with plenty of HF news from readers around the world.

Data Modes: Mike Richards G4WNC has updates on the RX888, WSJT and the Raspberry Pi.

Afraid of SMDs, don’t be: Michael Jones GW7BBY has hints and tips on SMD construction.

Valve & Vintage: Scott Caldwell tells the tale of Artie Moore, a remarkable pioneer of radio.

From the Ground Up: Eric Edwards GW8LJJ looks at the basics of inductance.

Readers’ Letters: Topics this month include the Full Licence exam, UK callsigns, amateur radio jargon and the EA12 receiver.

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