The February 2021 issue of Practical Wireless is now available


70MHz Contest results, ZD9CW from Tristan da Cunha, hints and tips for quieter reception, Pop Blundell and the Y stations. Transistor basics. And, of course, lots more.

Results of the 2020 PW 70MHz Contest: Contest Manager Colin Redwood G6MXL has the results of the 2020 contest.

In the Shop: Harry Leeming G3LLL indulges in some reminiscences for the last of his regular columns.

HF Highlights: Steve Telenius-Lowe PJ4DX has a full column, despite the continuing lack of DXpedition activity.

Valve & Vintage: John Adams G3ZSE recounts a fascinating piece of family history.
World of VHF: Tim Kirby GW4VXE starts with more news about interesting VHF and UHF TEP.

What Next: Colin Redwood G6MXL briefly looks at the various ITU Regions and Zones, CQ Zones and IARU locators before exploring Worked All Britain.

Notes from a Small Station: Joe Chester M1MWD takes a look at options for receive-only antennas where space is limited.

Kits and Modules: Geoff Theasby G8BMI has two more suggestions for useful items around the shack.

Data Modes: Mike Richards G4WNC turns his attention to communicating between PC and rig.

ZD9CW – a trip to Tristan da Cunha: Steve Taylor G4EDG relates the tale of his 2018 trip to Tristan da Cunha to play radio.

From the Ground Up: Eric Edwards GW8LJJ looks in more depth at what capacitors we have available and how they can be used.

The Morse Mode: Roger Cooke G3LDI looks forward to a resumption of normality, but in the meantime discusses various topics, including our preferences for a listening tone.

Build a Frequency Counter: John Dunton G1RXC constructs a frequency counter that is cheap but good to 30MHz.

Getting a Quieter Radio Life: When it comes to amateur radio operation in the 21st century, perhaps the biggest challenge is coping with electrical ‘noise’. Steve Ireland VK6VZ/G3ZZD looks at some practical methods of reducing this problem and how to build a noise canceller from a kit. 

Technical for the Terrified: Tony Jones G7ETW discusses the fundamentals of transistors.

Readers’ Letters: Topics this month include standards, RF earths and starting on a budget.

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