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The Latest from the RSGB


Awards Changes and RadCom Plus

News from the RSGB

Changes to the RSGB 50MHz Awards

The RSGB Awards Manager has reviewed the current 50MHz awards offered by the Society and concluded that the existing 50MHz 2-Way Countries and 50MHz DX Countries awards are significantly duplicating each other. The plan is to amalgamate these two awards into one single 50MHz Countries award, whilst keeping all the incremental levels of award in both of the existing 50MHz awards. If you’ve been working towards either of the current 50MHz awards you will have until the end of the year to complete them. A new award for operation 50MHz will be launching soon.


RadCom Plus

RadCom Plus is the RSGB’s technical supplement for radio amateurs who want more in-depth information The latest issue contains the following range of features:


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  • Driving relays over a network
  • An Automation System for the WSPRLite
  • Sporadic-E – where we are now?
  • piWebCAT: a CAT software system for transceiver control
  • Developing a Wireless Temperature Sensor


RSGB members can read the issue on the Society’s website: