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The May 2021 issue of RadioUser is now available


Here are some of the highlights:

New and Innovative Radio Products
Icom AH-705 HF/50 MHz Antenna Tuner and IC-M94DE Marine VHF Transceiver, ML&S Leg Pegs and MyDel Frequency Counter, Moonraker EMF 390 Multi-function Meter and Nevada Spiderpole.

The Tecsun PL-330 Portable Radio
Chrissy Brand puts this long-awaited new portable from Tecsun through its paces, looking at its main features, functions and performance. She also reports on a range of DX meetings and new podcasts.

Book Review 1
David Harris reviews newly-published radio titles about the links between post-war broadcasting and postcolonial literature, and an autobiography by a well-known radio personality.

Book Review 2
Marine radio experts Scott Caldwell and Robert Connolly have read a new book on maritime radio officers, which sheds light on the development of a key profession undergoing rapid change.

Maritime Matters
Robert Connolly previews the autonomous shipping of the future and the comms infrastructure needed for it, has seasonal post-lockdown tips and relates the latest from the Irish Coast Guard.

News and Trends from the World of Radio
Immerse yourself in the latest news, events and technologies from the world of broadcasting and radio science, from community stations to quantum receivers (see also: pp. 7 and 45).

Feature: The Bath Distance-Learning Course
Steve Hartley, G0FUW profiles a major UK amateur radio distance-learning course, looking at how this successful online training curriculum is run, received and evaluated.

Airband News
David Smith summarises ATC operations at RAF Brize Norton, sheds light on how callsign-prefixes work and reports on new remotely-operated towers and helicopter routes.

Digital Radio
Kevin Ryan reports back from a hybrid radio event, shares the latest DAB news, introduces a new DRM receiver and looks at how the French Navy makes tactical use of the DRM format.

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Feature: Special Wartime Radios
Tony Smith profiles some of the special communications receivers and accessories used by military personnel in Britain and America during the Second World War.

Signals from Space
Tim Kirby relives the time of the Apollo missions, investigates frequencies used during the visits to the Moon and introduces an American hobbyist who received it all in his backyard.

History: Radio and TV at the World’s Fairs
Scott Caldwell considers the global technological showcases of the past; these were economic, diplomatic and technological shows, presenting new radio technology to an enthusiastic public.

TV and Radio Past and Present
Keith Hamer and Garry Smith review the new edition of a book on John Logie Baird, investigate the heady days of early radio and appreciate the role of cutting-edge graphic design in TV.

The International Radio Scene
Chrissy Brand looks at the theme of radio for the great outdoors and diverse broadcasting audiences before offering her unique listening tips for all forms of international radio in May.

Aerials Now
Keith Rawlings provides an in-depth review of the Moonraker Mini1300 antenna analyser unit, looking at possible user applications, principal functions and key characteristics.

Feature: Radio and Education in Brazil
Martín Butera returns to report on societal challenges, digital poverty and school education by radio for youngsters in a volatile contemporary Brazil.


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