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The New WiNRADIO WR-G69DDCe ‘Artemis’


A Professional Wide-Bandwidth SDR

The Goddess of (Frequency-) Hunting?

WiNRADiO WR-G69DDC 'Artemis' is a top performance, software-defined, wide-band, ultra-fast search speed 3 GHz/s, HF/VHF/UHF/SHF receiver. Two independent and mutually exclusive inputs are provided, one for each range: 8 kHz to 80 MHz and 43MHz to 8GHz.

A real-time 80/34MHz-wide spectrum analyser is included with a 32MHz-wide instantaneous bandwidth available for recording, demodulation and further digital processing over the whole frequency range.

The receiver's superior performance is said to result from its innovative, combination of direct-sampling and superheterodyne, digital down-conversion architecture along with the use of leading-edge components and design concepts.

These result in excellent sensitivity, phase noise and dynamic range, highly accurate and stable tuning, high scanning speed and perfect demodulation. WiNRADIO states that these key features create a receiver in a class of its own, making it capable of filling not only the role of a monitoring receiver but also that of a fast-search receiver and measuring receiver, with many operational and instrumentation features not usually found on receivers of any price category.

The entire 32MHz DDC (digitally down-converted) bandwidth is available for recording and demodulation and is ideal for hopping frequencies analysis. Three demodulators allow the simultaneous reception and decoding of radio signals within the entire band. The WR-G69DDCe also features optional external reference frequency inputs and outputs as well as 1PPS pulse input. In addition, a stereo analogue output is also possible, as well as wide audio (10 Hz-150 kHz).

The special data port offers numerous possibilities which include GPIO (general purpose I/O), HSP (high-speed data output), or traditional RS232 interface.

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Check out this astonishing new radio’s key features on the WiNRADIO website:

(Sources: WiNRADIO (Richard Hillier) | SWLing Post | FB Groups)



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