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The Oxford Electronics Dictionary


An Indispensable Guide for Your Shack

An Indispensable Reference


If there ever was a companion book to RadioUser, I feel that this would be it. The Oxford Quick Reference Dictionary of Electronics and Electrical Engineering has become a key tool here in the editorial shack. I use it to find that quick definition, understand a new radio term, clarify the meaning of specialist terms and make sure everything in the magazine is consistent. As a DXer and scanning enthusiast, I enjoy the entries on antennas (aerials) in here. I do not have a degree in a technical subject, and I find the language in this volume accessible and clear. This used to be the Penguin Dictionary of Electronics, it was first published in 1979, and i9t ran to four editions under that title. This new edition reflects the age of software-defined receivers and transceivers, shedding some light on a wide range of concepts from this field. Recommended for the shack library of any serious listener or radio amateur. The guides to Astronomy and British History are great too …


Oxford Dictionary of Electronics and Electrical Engineering

5th ed., 2018


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