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The RX888 SDR


Some Early Pictures


Early reviewers have noted that the RX666 and RX888 SDR models (see RadioUser, September 2020)  are commercial implementations of the excellent, open source BBRF103 receiver. The BBRF103 is the creation of talented Italian designer Oscar Steila IK1XPV. The receiver should work with HDSDR after the correct additional files are added to the HDSDR folder, as does the similar RX666 model. Cypress USB drivers also need installation on the host computer. One concern, in the view of early adopters, is operating the LNA (low noise amplifier) on the RX888, which the RX666 lacks. This may take a different EXTIO .dll file than the one intended for the earlier RX666. Reviewers have indicated that they are aware of the developer of another popular SDR program who will almost certainly add support for the RX888/RX666 to his software. The RX666 & RX888 (see last month’s RadioUser) could turn out to be amazing performers for the price.


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