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The Tecsun H-501x


A New Flagship Radio from Nevada

News from Nevada

This news is just in, from Mike Devereux, Managing Director at Nevada Group:


“We are delighted to announce the imminent arrival of the new TECSUN H-501x  Flagship Portable Multiband radio with Bluetooth.


The Radio is designed for both portable and desktop use with an integrated tilt stand. It uses DSP technology to greatly improve sensitivity, selectivity and image rejection. Coverage includes Longwave, Shortwave and VHF FM with Multimode capabilities including SSB reception on Shortwave. 


As you would expect from a flagship radio it is packed with features from Synchronous detection, 3150 memories, a two-channel dual speaker for stereo reception, Local and DX input selector, and multi-search capabilities.


The H-501x is equipped with several useful audio features, a Bluetooth function to play music from a smartphone, tablet or another Bluetooth device, an SD card slot, with a 16Gb card included, and a USB soundcard function so it can be used as a set of stereo computer speakers.


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The large LCD display is very easy to read with extra-large digits for frequency readout and lots of information about the receiver operation, such as signal strength in dB and microvolts, Battery status, receive mode and more.


A unique feature of the H-501x is the dual charging facility that uses two 18650 batteries, this allows you to use one battery whilst charging the spare.


Included with the radio is a 16GB memory card, Stereo earphones, USB charger with cable and a leatherette carrying case.


The Tecsun H-501x is expected to arrive during September and will sell for £329.95


The radio is available from UK Distributors Nevada and other selected dealers.”

Tecsun H-501X *****HERE SOON***** – Nevada Radio