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The Tuning Knob is Back


A Nifty USB Tuning Device for SDR Radio

A Nifty Tuning Knob

More often than not, I listen to anything from Long Wave to Short Wave on an SDR Receiver these days - as many of you do. I use both the SDRPlay RSPdx, which we have recently reviewed, and the AirSpy HF+ Discovery, which has also featured in RadioUser. I have no problem tuning with the mouse, but occasionally, I do miss the good old tuning dial. So I got myself a USB tuning device on eBay. The seller, turbotimmy2017 is Tim Allen from SDRGadgets, and the item arrived the next day. The device is light-weight, works on Windows and Linux, and with all SDRs. It's a simple matter of plug-and-play, I was up and running in less than a minute. Make sure you hover your mouse in the waterfall before you start tuning with this. Choosing small or large step sizes allows you to scroll up and down quickly, or (this was important for me), to do some fine-tuning, e.g. on the Non-Directional Beacon bands. The device is, perhaps, not the most sturdy USB tuning aid I have ever seen, but it is more than sufficient for the average amateur radio operator or SWL.

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