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The UK Meteor Beacon Project


RSGB Presentation Released

RSGB Update (060223)

The RSGB has just released another presentation from its 2022 Convention. Brian Coleman, G4NNS talks about The UK Meteor Beacon Project which is a collaborative project between the amateur radio and radio astronomy communities. 

The aim is to collect data on meteor events over the UK and Phase I was to establish a transmitting beacon. Phase II is to create a network of receivers to monitor the radio echoes from meteors and to stream data over the internet to support the study of meteor events and their impact on the ionosphere. The Project has received RSGB Legacy Funds to help make this great idea happen.

You can see the presentation on the RSGB YouTube channel, and you can find out more about the RSGB Legacy Funds on the Society’s website at:


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(Source: Heather Parsons​, Communications Manager, RSGB)