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Travel and Radio with Travel.Radio


Your Travel Questions Answered


Advice from Experts Simon Calder and Paul Charles

A new weekly 60-minute programme from Travel.Radio airs Sundays at 10am and is launching just as overseas travel is expected to restart.

Simon Calder, Travel Journalist & Broadcaster, and Paul Charles, CEO of The PC Agency and regular Travel.Radio presenter, will be answering listener queries and providing clarity on how travel will play out from mid-May onwards, as the world responds to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) vaccine rollout.

Paul Charles commented: “We know there is huge demand out there for clear answers on which countries will be safe to travel to after 17 th May. We’ll be doing our best to decipher government signals as well as interpret government announcements so that consumers can plan their business and leisure trips with more certainty in 2021.”

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Simon Calder added: “I’m delighted to team up with Paul to offer top tips and advice so that consumers can be more reassured about summer travel. Your Travel Questions will enable us to flesh out some of the details of travel which can often be missed out in the news and also track how travel is restarting around the world as we see light at the end of the Covid tunnel.”