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UK Airband Frequency Guide


2023 Edition

Ricky King’s Latest Airband List

As in previous editions, the UK Airband Frequency Guide for 2023, compiled and edited by Ricky King, is bursting with updated and relevant information for the UK Airband Enthusiast. The 2023 edition – out just in time for Christmas – begins, after the legal advisory (which you ought to read) with an A-Z of UK Civil and Military Air Traffic Control (ATC) Frequencies, as well as European ATC, and Common (e.g. NATO and Air Display) Frequencies.

This is followed by an extensive Civil and Military Airports & Services listing, including illustrations of  Flight Corridors and Refuelling Areas. The Airports-by-Region and Transmitter Sites sections extend this guide’s useability; looking at those will get you started in no time at all. The (Civil & Military) Frequency Channel Search function takes over a substantial part of the spiral-bound booklet – from 118.0250 to 399.875MHz.

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The information is reliable and thoroughly researched. Moving on to HF (by Group, A-Z; Frequency Search 2182-23337kHz), it is excellent to see the HF section expanded. You may encounter ARIN and HFGCS ALE signals, as well as Irish Maritime Patrol, and many other transmissions worldwide. The listings in this guide are complemented by a wide range of supplementary information as regards, for instance, Frequency Conversion, Squawk Codes, and Acronyms and Abbreviations (the latter are especially prolific in Airband comms).

Squawker PC, Squawker Online, and Active Mil File Downloads are separate subscription products; access with the guide is for updates, maps and callsigns. The UKAFG 2023 Guide is available for £16.95. Given the wealth of information contained in it, this is excellent value for money. I will keep using this as an indispensable shack accessory throughout the year.