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UK Government Special Event Station


2022 Commonwealth Games


Her Majesty’s Government Radio Communications Station GB1HMG

The UK Government Office located in Birmingham City Centre will be operating a special event station in support of the 2022 Commonwealth Games today, Friday 29th July. The station will be operated by NHS England in association with HAM Hub UK. It will be on air between the hours of 10:00 and 16:00 using the HUB NET platform.

The station will be identified as Her Majesty’s Government Radio Communications Station GB1HMG. It aims to support the Commonwealth Games theme of connecting communities globally. If you would like to operate the station please email Paul Devlin (details below)

Paul, creator of the NHS Radio Communications Station GB1NHS said “now more than ever, we need to use all modes of communication to improve the lives of communities globally. Amateur radio has never had such a wonderful opportunity to contribute to this challenge”.

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Paul would also like to thank Pete Sipple, creator of Essex Ham and Ham Hub UK, for his unwavering support of the GB1HMG and GB1NHS initiatives.

 [email protected]

Twitter: @DevlinPJ



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