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Voice of Greece


Closure Delayed By Two Months

A Mainstay on the SW Dial

The closure of the analogue broadcast of the Voice of Greece has been delayed, if even just temporarily. With a decision taken last Wednesday (30th March 2022) and signed by ERT CEO George Gabritsos, the public radio and television announced that at the request of the Ministry of Defence, the Avlida Short Wave Broadcast Transmitter will remain active until May 31, when re-evaluating the conditions for further continuation or not of its operation.

In an earlier decision, ERT had stated that its broadcast on shortwave would end yesterday, March 31, and had addressed the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense “to decide whether they want the continuation of the shortwave broadcasts, as well as the acquisition of ownership and the operation of the shortwave operation at their own risk “.


Voice of Greece – Short Wave Frequencies


9420kHz for Europe & North America,

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11645kHz for Central & South Africa,

9935kHz for Europe Central America.

(Source: SWLing Post | Greek City Times | Radio Press)