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VSI for your Shack Library


Small Books of Big Interest

Building a Library

I am an avid reader, and radio books of all kinds are a favourite of mine. I am sure that won't surprise you. You will have noticed that, occasionally, I have introduced and recommended books here. At times, these tie in with the book reviews you will find in RadioUser each month (by the excellent David Harris). Often, they are brand-new publications.  However, beyond that, there are many titles which have become indispensable in any radio shack, as 'background-reading', or as a foundation of that classic resource – the shack library. I thought that I would, from time to time, invite you to take a look into mine, starting with a bunch of small titles which form the backbone of my collection. The Very Short Introductions (VSI) series from Oxford University Press (OUP) offers concise and well-researched titles for the hobbyists, many of them of interest to radio enthusiasts. I regularly consult those four here. The book on The Sun was only added last week. I use these to reference my own writings and learn about issues many of our columnists write about each month, for example, propagation, physics, the science of the ionosphere and electronics. There are many others to choose from in the VSI series, but those four here will get you started, in an easy-to-follow format and tone, especially if you are combining an interest in radio with a passion for science.

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