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Watson W-8686 Weather Station


Radio and Weather Monitoring

The Watson W-8686 Weather Station

As I am busy working on an article on how to combine radio with weather watching, Peter Waters (Waters & Stanton) has just had a delivery of a new weather station the Watson W-8686. Radio enthusiasts love to monitor the weather, especially if they have large antennas, masts or towers in the garden to keep an eye on. The new Watson W-8686 weather station uses Wi-Fi communications and a colour screen, to provide clear and accurate weather readings. Powered by a solar panel the W88686 can stream data directly from the weather station to internet-based weather services. When available solar light is insufficient, the unit can use Lithium-Ion batteries for backup. The weather station monitors Wind speed, Wind direction, has a UV sensor, solar radiation sensor, Rain Gauge, outdoor temperature and humidity monitor, indoor temperature monitor and barometric pressure reader. The display allows monitoring of all major parameters with a time and day Calendar built-in. Available from Nevada Radio and Waters & Stanton Price £189.95.

(Source: Nevada, Waters && Stanton)

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[Look out for Georg’s article about radio weather and weather stations in one of the forthcoming issues of Practical Wireless – Ed.]