Wellbrook ALA 1530LN and FLX1530LN


New Active Loop Aerials

More Innovation from Wales

First came the large-aperture loop ALA100LN. This was followed, several years later, by the ALA 1530LN loop aerial, a device which has achieved near-iconic status amongst Short Wave enthusiasts and Medium Wave DXers alike.

Now, Wellbrook Communications have come up with an improved version of the ALA1530LN, and a new, ‘flex’ version, where you add the loop element yourself, in the shape of a length of LMR400, RG213 or RG58c coaxial cable. The new models cover 50kHz to 30MHz. The Wellbrook documentation emphasises that they have a higher gain, compared with the original ALA1530LN; moreover, there is said to be an additional 10dB sensitivity in the mid-to-upper HF frequency bands.

This is achieved, according to the manufacturer, by using an ultra-low JFET design (JFET=Junction Field-Effect Transistor). The Long Wave and Medium Wave Third-Order IMD (Inter-Modulation Distortion) is now claimed to be 20dB lower, compared to the previous models.

We will be offering a full, in-depth, review of the new Wellbrook ALA FLX1530 LN in the September 2022 issue of RadioUser, so do not forget to reserve your copy.

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(Source: Manual 100INC23 30-01-22)


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