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What would you do with a Cricket?


Explore this multi-function device

A Gadget With a Thousand Uses


Would you like to build your own IOT devices which could transmit radio-related and other data to phones or other services over Wi-Fi / Internet? Then the IOT Cricket may be for you. The IOT Cricket Wi-Fi module is a plug-and-play device, which can be easily integrated to various IOT end nodes such as alarm systems (window, door), smoke detectors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, leak detectors, buttons, switches, and so on.


Once you integrate it to a device, it is ready to send data either locally within your Wi-Fi or globally over the internet to your smartphone/laptops. It can be powered directly with batteries, and for a very long time. On top of that, you do not need to write any code for it.


Thingsonedge is a small start-up based in Cambridge, UK, designing an easy-to-use, ultra-low-power Wi-Fi module for electronic device makers, scientists and hobbyists. The firm has developed several projects and published them as blogs. Have a look at the following URLs. 


Door sensor:  

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Flower sensor:  

Motion sensor:  

Remote button:

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