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WI2XLQ on Long Wave


Brian Justin’s Annual LW Broadcast

Remembering Reginald Fessenden

Now an annual Christmas tradition, Brian Justin (WA1ZMS) will put his Long Wave experimental station WI2XLQ on the air to commemorate the anniversary of Reginald Fessenden’s first audio transmission.

As in years past, he will be conducting the Fessenden transmission on Christmas Eve, as well as New Year’s Eve. The plan is to start each day around 1800z and run for 24 hours. Listener reports may be sent to Brian Justin, WA1ZMS, at his address.

If you would like more information about Brian Justin and WI2XLQ, check out this interview with him:

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Additionally, George Stein has a very personal connection with radio pioneer, Reginald Fessenden: click here to read his story.

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