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WiNRADIO NG69DDC is now the Excelsior Ultra


The 'Artemis' has Changed Name

To Be Reviewed in our May Issue

Richard Hillier, of WiNRADIO/ RADIXON, wrote to inform us as follows: “When the development of the G69DDC started, ‘Artemis’ was selected as its strapline name.

"However, with the increasing exposure of the NASA ‘Artemis’ Moon Landing Programme, many other companies have started using the name. For this reason, we have decided to rename the G69DDC so that we cannot be associated with any other product or project. 

"WiNRADiO has a tradition of using ‘Excalibur’ for HF receivers and ‘Excelsior’ for HF/VHF/UHF receivers, so we have chosen to use 'Excelsior Ultra' as the new name for the G69DDC. 

"Our website already reflects this change. mA new software update (version 1.16) has also been released, which employs the new name (new desktop icons, updated help, User's Guide, and so on.”  

[This new high-end SDR will be reviewed by Clint Gouveia, in the May issue of RadioUser – Ed.].


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(Source: Richard Hillier | Radixon | WinRADIO)

[email protected]


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