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World Music Radio Returns


The Popular Station is back on 15805kHz

Denmark: World Music Radio is back on 15805kHz

After having been off the air since September 2019, World Music Radio (WMR) is now back on 15805kHz, using a three-element Yagi beamed south - every Saturday and Sunday at 07-20 UTC. The transmitter power is 200 Watts and the signal is audible almost worldwide for dedicated short wave enthusiasts, also known as DXers and DX listeners.

However a very good receiver, a good aerial and a listening site without man made interference - as well as patience – and listening at the right time of the day is needed to catch WMR on 15805. Best reception is in Southern Europe, but it is also possible to receive 15805 kHz in the Middle East, all over Africa, in parts of South America and the Eastern part of North America. Also in Asia “on a good day”.

Occasionally, 15805kHz suffers from some interference from a Chinese station on 15800kHz. Sometimes short-skip propagation is providing excellent reception in Central Europe. But propagation is changing all the time and catching the low power signals from WMR on 15805 is really a challenge for DXers in most places – unlike catching big international stations which use 100,000 – 500,000 Watts of power.

Please note that the signals of WMR on 15805kHz are only suitable for AM listening, so don’t use SSB. 15805 kHz is also audible locally in Eastern Jutland, Denmark, as a "ground wave signal".

(Source, and thanks to: Chrissy Brand, via World Music Radio Facebook page, 11 April 2020).


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