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WRTH 2023


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The Wait Is Over

At the time of writing – today, in fact – the new World Radio TV Handbook is finally being published, after some considerable delay. The volume offers 848 pages of current information and articles (2022: 672 pages); many of them were written by your favourite contributors to RadioUser, Practical Wireless, and by a host of general radio experts.

You will find features on radio history (e.g. Andorra), technology (DRM), reviews (Belka, ELAD, Reuter, Stampfl), as well as the usual maps and listings we have all been waiting for. The national section of the book, it is claimed, now presents the most up-to-date and detailed FM, DAB, and HD radio information available

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According to the new WRTH owners, Radio Data Center GmbH in Germany, the WebApp and the Book + WebApp bundle will be available soon, and every book owner can buy the WebApp anytime later at the ‘upgrade’ price.