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XIEGU X6100 QRP SDR Portable


New at Nevada

Nevada Appointed UK Dealer 

Nevada Radio is delighted to be appointed a UK dealer for the new XIEGU X6100 QRP SDR Portable transceiver from China. with built-in Bluetooth function. The X6100 has a high-resolution colour screen for easy reading, built-in Bluetooth function and will transmit on both the HF and 6m Amateur bands.

The receiver's coverage is from 0.5MHz to 30MHz and 50 - 54MHz. The transceiver produces 10W RF output from an external supply or 5W from a battery supply whilst also boasting a built-in automatic antenna tuner. The radio is supplied with a 3,000 mAh Lithium battery and a range of accessories including a hand microphone, connecting lead and charger.

The XIEGU X6100 has both FCC and CE approvals and is sure to be popular for both travel and portable use. The first batch is due to arrive in the UK in January 2022.

The radio is priced at around £650 and is available from Nevada Radio:

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(Source: Mike Devereux, Managing Director Nevada Group)