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YOTA Month 2018


The RSGB Youngsters on the Air Event

This year the RSGB has acquired the call sign GB18YOTA. They require clubs, groups, and individuals from all over the country to set up stations and host the call sign over the 31 days of YOTA Month this December. 

They are particularly looking for stations with a passion for running events aimed at engaging youngsters in the hobby. Activities could include: ARDF, antenna building and kit construction. It would also be very exciting to have interesting modes, and bands, alongside the standard HF CW and SSB.
In the past the RSGB have had QSOs from 630kHz to 2GHz, Fast Scan TV, EME, SSTV and Satellites. A log of all the QSOs is sent to a central system on allowing you to compare your progress with other countries. Certificates and awards are given out by the IARU for participation in the event.


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So, if you think your club or group is up for the exciting challenge of hosting young people and operating a Special Event Station, please see for further information and application details. For any questions email Ben, M0NBA, the YOTA Month Coordinator on [email protected]  The deadline for applications is Monday 29 October 2018.