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You can now read the April 2022 issue of RadioUser!


Inside this SPECIAL ISSUE for loop antennas

News and Products 
The WiNRADIO Excelsior Ultra; Aerial Modelling with AN-SOF7; Klingenfuss Updates; HanRongDa HRD-747; DUAL Antennas and Malahit 50kHz-2000MHz DSP SDR; Runbo P5 4G; plus radio news.

European Private Short Wave Stations | News        
Stig Hartvig Nielsen shares the latest version of his Europe-wide compilation of Short Wave Stations. Have a listen and discover a plethora of exciting new speech and music alternatives.

Book Review 1 
David Harris takes an in-depth look at, arguably, the most widely-noticed book on the BBC published in this Centenary Year so far. This People’s History places the BBC in a wider socio-cultural context. 

Feature: The Brazilian Mystery Radar
Martín Butera travels to a very remote place to uncover for us the history and capabilities of the Brazilian Over-the-Horizon (OTH) Radar facility known as the ‘OTH 0100’.

Airband News
David Smith traces North Atlantic Traffic Management, reflects developments in Sat Comms, appraises a Scottish ‘Remote-Towers’ scheme and details the ATC setup at Boscombe Down.

Book Review 2
The editor takes an in-depth look at two advanced Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) Monitoring Annuals and considers their key contents, target audiences and practical serviceability. 

TV and Radio, Past and Present   
In their decade-by-decade inspection of the BBC’s history, Keith Hamer and Garry Smith travel through the 1950s and find new transmitters, pioneering programmes and technical innovation. 

Review: The Reuter RFA1A Indoor Ferrite Loop 
Aerials Now columnist Keith Rawlings presents the first of two reviews this month, looking at an exciting and powerful new indoor magnetic loop aerial covering 130kHz to 11MHz.  

Emerging Issues in Radio 
Chrissy Brand weighs up the present and future success of the distribution strategies, funding plans and listener profiles of some of the main international public radio broadcasters.

International Radio & New Media  
In her second contribution this month, Chrissy has news on Ukrainian radio, looks at country waves, assesses a ground-breaking community radio concept and shares the very best listening tips. 

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Digital Radio 
Kevin Ryan introduces a range of ways in which you can appreciate global radio broadcasts in the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) format and looks at programming details and apps. 

Review: The Moonraker/ Deshibo GA-450 Indoor Loop Aerial 
The editor test-drives an easy-to-use compact indoor reception loop for the portable mobile operator, DXer and general radio enthusiast, using both traditional and hybrid/ SDR equipment. 

Aerials Now Review: The Cross Country Wireless (CCW) LAA ++ Aerial 
In his second evaluation for this issue, Keith Rawlings puts the Cross Country Wireless LAA++ loop aerial through its paces and sheds light on Numerical Electromagnetics Code (NEC).

In this month’s roundup of the world of Two-Way Comunications, Tim Kirby finds a great radio use for a digital hotspot, reports on CB DXing and leans about an experiment involving a kite.

Rallies and Events         
With the news that there is going to be a National Hamfest this year just having come out, we have the UK’s most comprehensive list of Rallies, Buildathlons, Swapmeets and related events.

Radio in History: This is Genie Chance
Scott Caldwell revisits the Earthquake that shook Alaska in 1964 and highlights how one brave radio host was able to make all the difference in times of national disaster. 

Maritime Matters  
Robert Connolly offers the first 2022 NDB Survey, investigates DXing and meteorological conditions, announces his new NDB List and shows how you can log beacons, even with hearing loss. 


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