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You can now read the December 2021 issue of RadioUser!


Containing no fewer than five in-depth new product assessments and up-to-date reviews, just in time for Christmas 2021.

News and Products
The Sangean ATS 909X2; Bonito AntennaJet AAS 300; CountyComm GP7; Chameleon Loop; Albrecht AE6290 CB Radio; Senhaix 8600 & 8800; Tecsun DAB-119X; plus global radio news. 

Review: Moonraker X1-HF Vertical Antenna       
The editor tries out a well-built outdoor aerial suitable for broadcast listeners and signal monitors alike, which is significantly less obtrusive than a loop and yields excellent results. 

Emerging Issues in Radio 
Chrissy Brand reviews and enjoys the new Tecsun H-501x receiver and audio player – the manufacturer’s very latest mid-size flagship portable world band radio. 

Book Review 
David Harris reviews a substantial new title by RadioUser contributor Larry Bennett, which offers a wide-ranging overview of the history, fascination and operation of UK coastal radio stations.

International Radio and New Media 
Chrissy Brand has curated a fine list of monthly listening tips for global radio and reports on a surprising new use for short wave, before selecting her most favourite programmes. 

Feature: The British Broadcasting Corporation in 1925 
As a prelude to a year of BBC Anniversary celebrations, Tony Smith carves a mature slice of broadcasting history, looking at transmissions, radios, hobbyists and programmes in 1925.

News | European Private Short Wave Stations       
Stig Hartvig Nielsen kindly shares the latest instalment of this unique SW Listening Guide. 

Feature: HMS Collingwood Museum Closes After 68 Years
Our Aerials Now columnist Keith Rawlings looks at the past, present and future of a significant maritime museum collection and draws out the story of a famous German battleship. 

Aerials Now 
Keith Rawlings continues with his regular column, reviewing the key events of 2021 in this field and introducing us to the kind of equipment and antennas he is using. 

Review: bhi Noise Cancelling In-Line Module
The editor takes a look at the new bhi 5W amplified DSP Noise Cancelling In-Line Module, through the lens of a general broadcast radio enthusiast and SSB signals monitor. 

Review: The ATS-20 SI4732 Radio 
Also in the editor’s shack this month, was the small ATS-20 SI4732 Radio Receiver, a basic but fun multi-band radio or single-frequency monitor for on the road, in the shack or by your bedside.

Airband News
David Smith asks if the ‘Perfect Flight’ might soon be possible, scans the latest aeronautical 3D radar technologies and provides an overview of airband communications at RAF Shawbury. 

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Digital Radio Review: Telestar DIRA M 6i
Kevin Ryan road-tests a surprising new hybrid digital radio from Germany, which offers an interesting combination of features, as well as some noteworthy network and recording options. 

TV and Radio, Past and Present   
As well as sharing their latest yield of DX-TV & FM News, Keith Hamer and Garry Smith appreciate seasonal graphics, unearth smart vintage radio marketing and finish the Westward Television story. 

Rallies and Events  
The radio rallies circuit is gradually starting up once again, and we have the most conversant listings of the best national and international radio shows, enthusiasts’ gatherings and initiatives of 2022.

History: 9-11 and Radio Communications
In Part One of a two-part essay, Scott Caldwell relives the disturbing events of the attacks of 11th September 2001, through the lens of the two-way communications and broadcast radio of the time. 

Push-to-Talk: Two-Way Radio
Tim Kirby reviews a CB-inspired Network Radio app, looks at wider CB radio and operation in the AM mode and asks whether PMR446 is the new ‘UHF-CB’?

Feature: Reading Radio and Collecting Radio Books 
Our book reviewer David Harris introduces us to the hobby of radio-book collecting and shares his most favourite book titles of recent years – all of which he has reviewed in these pages… 

Maritime Matters  
Robert Connolly surveys the impact that weather phenomena can have on the GPS, looks at traditional navigation skills and continues the story of the Alpha hyperbolic navigation system. 


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