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You can now read the November 2021 issue of RadioUser!


Editor Georg talks through what you can expect to read from the November issue of Radio User.

News and Products (see also pp. 23-24, 37, 47, 59, and
New bhi in-line module; AN-SOF 6.20 software; Lamco RST-SPKR-S; Icom 3D printing & IC-9700 interface; ML&S Paradan Antenna-Disconnect; SDRuno Scheduler; Anysecu WP-9900, and more. 

Book Review 
David Harris reviews a remarkable new publication on the repressive structure, function and content of fascist radio broadcasting in Nazi Germany (1933-1945). 

Book Review Extra 
Robert Connolly and the editor take an in-depth look at Scott Caldwell’s new eBook on the role of radio communications in a maritime context, including some of the key events and personalities. 

Feature: Radio in Afghanistan, 1989-2021 
Martín Butera returns to outline the volatile story of radio in war-torn Afghanistan in the course of the last two decades, up to the re-emergence of the Taliban a few months ago. 

International Radio and New Media 
In a RU first, Chrissy Brand offers a broad radio profile of Sweden and shares her suggestions for the very best international radio programmes, and podcasts worth listening to, this month. 

Aerials Now 
Keith Rawlings reacts to some great reader feedback on innovative aerials, revisits the Wellgood loop and appraises an interesting online comparison test of magnetic loop aerials. 

Airband News
With the 2021 Airshow Season all but complete, David Smith turns his attention to advanced aeronautical laser communications, runway condition data, and a profile of RAF Marham ATC.

Emerging Issues in Radio 
Chrissy Brand embarks on a new two-part mini-series on the value of radio for indigenous communities worldwide, commencing her exploration in Australia, Canada and the USA. 

Feature: Ultra-Light Radios and DXing      
Clint Gouveia is back to take a look at a group of small, but perfectly-formed, receivers, which offer plenty of opportunities for low-cost mobile DXing pleasure and radio adventure. 

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European Private Short Wave Stations       
Stig Hartvig Nielsen shares the latest instalment of this crucial Europe-wide listening resource.

Digital Radio 
Kevin Ryan considers the future of DAB and Digital Radio in the UK, examines key news from the EBU and Digital Radio UK and asks what lies ahead for the development of in-car radio technology. 

TV and Radio, Past and Present   
In addition to sharing vital DX-TV & FM News, Keith Hamer and Garry Smith draw to a close their assessment of 85 years of BBC Television, profiling the personalities behind the first transmissions. 

Rallies and Events  
With the end of the year fast approaching, we have updated our inventory of the remaining radio rallies, club gatherings, lectures and related events for now, and into 2022. 

History: Ernst Alexanderson (1878-1975)
Scott Caldwell delineates the fascinating life and inventions of Ernst Alexanderson, the creator of the eponymous alternating transmitter, known by many today because of SAQ Grimeton in Sweden. 

Signals from Space: LOFAR  
Tim Kirby continues his investigation of introductory radio astronomy by taking an in-depth look at LOFAR, the Low-Frequency Array, a pan-European instrument of the very latest generation. 

Maritime Matters  
Robert Connolly discovers the intriguing history of international weather observation ships, has some noteworthy aerial news and remembers a recent incident near the Isle of Man. 


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