Practical Wireless - December 2023

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The ATU-100 autotuner reviewed, a visit to Ofcom at Baldock, the early days of Morse sending, the 2023 RSGB Convention, a look at capacitors and lots more!

On Sale: 09/11/2023

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What's in this Issue?

The December 2023 issue of Practical Wireless is now available. Here are some of the highlights:
Keylines: Don reflects on the state of the hobby and other topics.
ATU-100 auto tuner on a budget: Richard Constantine G3UGF looks at the ATU-100 plus, the new and latest version, the AT-100M.
The 2023 RSGB Convention: Don G3XTT and Colin G6MXL give an overview of this year’s RSGB Convention, held once again at Kents Hill Conference Centre, Milton Keynes.
Airband News: David Smith has the latest airband news, starting with a discussion of the recent UK ATC problems.
Turn the Knob: Billy McFarland GM6DX creates a remote tuning knob for SDR radios.
Managing the UK Radio Spectrum: David Charnock G0BCU reports on Warrington Radio Club’s visit to Ofcom’s Baldock Receiving Station.
The World of VHF: Tim Kirby GW4VXE has another packed column, including reports of some excellent tropo on 2m.
Antennas: Keith Rawlings G4MIU plans a new antenna system based around a portable mast.
Book Review: David Harris looks at a book telling the story of radar during WWII.
Data Modes: Just in time for Christmas, we have a new Raspberry Pi model, plus Mike Richards G4WNC continues his look at Node-RED in the shack.
HF Highlights: With multiple DXpeditions active, Steve Telenius-Lowe PJ4DX has lots to report.
What Next: Colin Redwood G6MXL looks at a range of awards schemes and operating periods linked to lighthouses and other aids to marine navigation. 
The Morse Mode: Roger Cooke G3LDI has more on procedural signals before moving on to the latest Bootcamp news.
A Lab Tutorial: Jeff and Natalie start a discussion about the theory and practice behind capacitors.
Vintage Television & Radio: Keith Hamer and Garry Smith continue the special series looking back at the BBC’s coverage of Coronations since 1937. There is also a Coronation vintage television advertisement from the archives. The series about Roland Pièce continues with more unique family archives supplied by his Grand-Nephew Pierre Yves-Pièce. A new series begins this month charting the rise and fall of BBC 198kHz transmissions. They also continue our series about the development of Swiss Radio and Television since 1922.
Valve & Vintage: In Part 1 of a two-part feature, Tony Smith G4FAI describes the early days of Morse sending.
The Micro-Midget: We dip once more into the PW archives, this time to bring you a constructional article by the late Clive Sinclair that featured in the November 1958 issue of PW.
Amateur Radio on a Budget: Daimon Tilley G4USI has some advice on adding useful but cheap accessories to the shack.
2023 Index: The 2023 Practical Wireless annual index.
Rallies: Locate a rally or event near you; we have our usual comprehensive list.
Readers’ Letters: This month’s Letters cover Morse operating, the AR88, the demise (or not) of amateur radio, AC/DC sets and more.

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