Practical Wireless - May 2023

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A double turn magnetic loop, DRM, Take 20, meet G0VJG, early aircraft radio, secrets from Carnarvon, three reviews and much more.

On Sale: 13/04/2023

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What's in this Issue?

Don looks at this month’s issue and laments the cancellation of the 2023 National Hamfest.

PW’s monthly roundup of news from the UK and internationally, including new products, club news and recent events.

4 on 4 – Metres that is
Richard Constantine G3UGF takes a close look at DUAL antennas from Serbia. 

The Face behind the Call
Roger Dowling G3NKH meets Nobby Styles G0VJG, about to embark on a major Rockall expedition.

Double Turn Magnetic Loop for LF Bands
Maurice Webb GW0UGQ returns to the fray, this time with a double-turn magnetic loop.

Aircraft Radio
Joe Chester M1MWD gets excited by aircraft communications during a visit to the Smithsonian museums.

Book Reviews
David Harris has two more book reviews, a story of the evolution of sound recording and the latest incarnation of the World Radio TV Handbook.

The World of VHF
Tim Kirby GW4VXE has another packed column, with some great openings on 8 and 6m in particular. But he starts with a discussion of LORA.

General Coverage Receiver (Part 1)
The late F G Rayer G3OGR describes a multimode receiver for the 550kHz to 30MHz range.

The DRM Challenge
Kevin Ryan takes a look at DRM from receiver mod to software app.

The Morse Mode
Roger Cooke G3LDI describes an online learning facility for Morse Code, before reporting on recent successful candidates.

HF Highlights
Steve Telenius-Lowe PJ4DX reports plenty of DXpedition activity during February and March, fortuitously coinciding with some excellent propagation.

A Field Strength Meter Reviewed
Dr Colyn Baillie-Searle GD4EIP reviews the latest offering from Kanga Kits.

A Transmission Monitor for the Ascom 550
Rod Angel G4ZUP describes a handy wavemeter for monitoring the output of the popular Ascom 550.

Data Modes
Mike Richards G4WNC an update on the popular VarAC, plus the second in his series looking at the workings of a modern SDR rig.

Take 20
Shades of PW’s Take 20 series from the past, as Steve MacDonald G4AQB offers a simple preamplifier to build.

Review: Cross Country Wireless HF Active Loop Antenna v4
Georg Wiessala investigates a new loop antenna from popular manufacturer Cross Country Wireless. The CCW HF Active Loop Antenna v4 is a compact, versatile and affordable solution for DXers and Broadcast Listeners.  

Valve & Vintage
John Rowlands MW1CFN goes digging to the past to discover the secrets of an early wireless station.

Keith Rawlings G4MIU has Part 1 of a look at evaluating cheap antennas before bringing news of the latest AN-SOF release.

Vintage Television & Radio
With the Coronation of HM King Charles III on 6 May, Keith Hamer and Garry Smith begin a special series looking back to see how the BBC have covered coronations since 1937. There is also a special Coronation vintage radio advertisement from the archives. Also featured this month are the commemorations to mark the anniversary of the BBC 6BM Station in Bournemouth, the BBC Cymru-Wales Centenary, and the BBC Alba-Scotland Centenary. We also continue the series about the development of Swiss Radio and Television since 1933, the Blattnerphone, and the concluding installment about Vladimir Zworykin.  

Locate a rally or event near you; we have our usual comprehensive list.

Readers’ Letters
This month’s Letters cover radio maths, alternative shack heating, early magazines and more.

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