Practical Wireless - November 2018

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On Sale: 11/10/2018

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What's in this Issue?

In this issue:

•    Review – the Retevis RT3S 144/430MHz DMR Transceiver with your chance to WIN our review product here
•    Review – the FA-VA5 10kHz to 600MHz Vector Antenna Analyser.
•    Results of the 2018 PW 144MHz QRP Contest.
•    The Transistor Revolution – Concluding part, covering history, impact on amateur radio and modern developments.
•    Doing it by Design – FreeDV, a digital voice mode for HF.
•    Practical Way – a 160m converter for older radios.
•    Making Waves – Tropospheric propagation.
•    Valve & Vintage – Herbert Clark Hoover and amateur radio.
•    Data Modes – the latest enhancements to FT8.
•    What Next – Useful hints and tips.
•    Exploring New Fields – Joe Chester continues his story of returning to the hobby.
•    Starting Over – challenges faced in by our intrepid author.
•    Plus all the latest news and regular columns.

On sale 11 October 2018

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