Practical Wireless - October 2019

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From ancient (Cossor oscillograph) to modern (latest data modes toys), projects to build and sage advice, yet another mix of radio topics.

On Sale: 12/09/2019

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What's in this Issue?


Don revisits the subject of radio clubs, recommends a PW subscription and selects his favourites from this issue.



PW’s monthly roundup of news from the UK and internationally, including new products, club news and recent events.


Review – Elecraft AX1

Joe Chester MW1MWD takes a look at the compact portable AX1 antenna from Elecraft.


The QCX QRP Transceiver (Part One)

Daimon Tilley G4USI follows up his build of a uBitx transceiver by taking on the QCX single-band transceiver kit.


CW Bootcamp at 70!

Realising that Morse has an advantage over SSB for low power operation, Joe Chester MW1MWD signs up for the rigours of Bootcamp.


Carrying on the Practical Way

Martin Waller G0PJO returns, this time with a reworking of the DATONG D70 Morse tutor but using modern devices.


Starting Over

Lee Aldridge G4EJB wraps up his Starting Over exploits and starts making some QSOs!


In Focus – Nevada Radio

Don G3XTT pays a visit to Nevada Radio on the occasion of their 50th anniversary.


Valve & Vintage

Duncan James M0OTG asks what we can learn from a Cossor 1052 Double-Beam Oscillograph.


In the Shop

Harry Leeming G3LLL wonders whether the powers-that-be (and others) will ever really learn about the need for secure communications.


Operating 101

Tony Jones G7ETW explains the basics of repeater operation, often the first operation encountered by new licensees.


Kits and Modules

Geoff Theasby G8BMI builds a cheap analogue multimeter. Yet another simple project with learning aspects and ending up as a handy accessory in the shack.


The World of VHF

Following on from the Es season, Tim Kirby G4VXE has a full postbag but starts with a plea for more 2m activity.


Data Modes

Mike Richards G4WNC is enjoying lots of new toys again this month – join him as he explores them all!


What Next

Colin Redwood G6MXL starts an exploration of contests and their terminology, answering the numerous questions asked by newcomers to contesting.


The Morse Mode

Roger Cooke G3LDI waxes lyrical about the popularity of Morse even in this digital age.



Locate a rally or event near you; we have our usual comprehensive list.


HF Highlights

With the autumn season approaching fast, Steve PJ4DX has a full column covering past and forthcoming activity and an update on solar predictions.


Flexible Operating for Octogenarians

Moving to a Software Defined Radio can be a challenge. Roger Cooke G3LDI takes you through his recent adventures while doing exactly that.


Readers’ Letters

Topics include Girl Electricians, learning resources, the 144MHz threat and more.


On sale 12th September 2019 

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