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Don reflects on feedback on some recent PW content and tries to predict the impact of amateur radio’s new toy – our very own geostationary satellite.

News PW’s monthly roundup of news from the UK and internationally, including new products, club news and recent events.

Review − MMDVM Nano Hotspot. 
Tim Kirby G4VXE looks at another useful and cost-effective digital voice hotspot.

Build Your Own Satellite Antenna
John Hemming G0UYT describes an experimental satellite antenna for 2m/70cm. 

The New Advanced Licence
Tony Jones G7ETW completes his overview of the new examinations by covering the revised Advanced syllabus.

Carrying on the Practical Way
Daimon Tilley G4USI introduces 3D printing, a handy way of fabricating boxes, knobs, insulators and much else.

QRP Travel & Operating in Australia 
Paul Morrison G0VHT describes his QRP efforts from Australia and manages a fascinating interview with QRP specialist VK3YE.

The Morse Mode
Roger Cooke G3LDI looks at American (and Japanese!) Morse before turning to other CW-related topics.

HF Highlights
Steve Telenius-Lowe PJ4DX reports on some recent DXpeditions, one of which brought some welcome visitors to his Caribbean island.

Kits & Modules
Geoff Theasby G8BMI has two more low-price projects for the shack – a noise generator and a component identifier.

Radio Bookstore
Your one-stop shop for hobby-related titles, biographies, reference titles, historical accounts, technical advice and successful building projects.

The World of VHF
Tim Kirby G4VXE has his usual selection of news on the VHF bands and above but starts with a spotlight on 70cm FT8.

In the Shop
Harry Leeming G3LLL is back with his usual diet of sage advice and intriguing anecdotes.

Valve & Vintage
John Sones M0AAO looks at some examples of how Australian radio amateurs served their country during WW1, WW2 and in peacetime.

Technical for the Terrified
Don G3XTT guides readers through the alphabet soup that is the current state of digital voice on the VHF/UHF bands.

What Next
Colin Redwood G6MXL looks at a relatively new award scheme that covers hilltops that don’t quite qualify as summits for Summits on the Air. He concludes with a request to readers who use Facebook. 

Data Modes
Es’Hail-2 marks a whole new opportunity for amateur radio. Mike Richards G4WNC offers advice on how to take advantage.

Locate a rally or event near you; we have our usual comprehensive list.

Starting Over
Lee Aldridge G4EJB continues his self-learning while dealing with antenna matching issues.

In the Footsteps of Marconi 
Having wrestled with portable operating, Joe Chester MW1MWD uses his new-found skills to retrace the footsteps of Marconi.

23cm, The Next Band Up? (Part 1)
Sam Jewell G4DDK makes a welcome return to PW, explaining how to get started on the 23cm band, the ‘Next Band Up’.

The Curse of Bouvet Island
Tom Morgan ZS1AFS reflects on recent attempts to activate remote Bouvet Island and wonders whether the Curse of Bouvet is at work!

Readers’ Letters
Museums, multimeters and multiple-choice are among this month’s missives.

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