Practical Wireless - January 2020

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What's in this Issue?

Don is on his travels again but finds time to wonder about the proposed Beginner Licence.

News PW’s monthly roundup of news from the UK and internationally, including new products, club news and recent events.

Reviewed – the Yaesu FT-3DE 144/432MHz Dual-Band Transceiver
Tim Kirby G4VXE gets to try out a new Yaesu handheld that offers an awful lot in a compact package.

HF Highlights
Steve Telenius-Lowe PJ4DX highlights a forthcoming DXpedition, reports on the accreditation of SV2RSG/A and has the usual roundup of news.

Review − the Ham Air 2m Half-Wave Vertical Inflatable Antenna
Tim Kirby G4VXE reviews a 2m antenna that is a little out of the ordinary!

Practical Wireless End of Year Quiz 2019
Tom Morgan ZS1AFS brings readers a quiz based on the contents of this year’s issues of PW. The answers can be found on page 38.

Valve & Vintage
Bernard Nock G4BXD returns with some new additions to the collection, from Japan and the USA.

Book Review
Keith Rawlings G4MIU takes a look at Advanced Antenna Modelling by Marcel De Canck ON5AU

World of VHF
Tim Kirby G4VXE discusses the need to increase activity on the VHF/UHF bands and whether a beginner level licence could help.

Quiz Answers
Here are the answers to the quiz on page 24. See how you fared.

Carrying on the Practical Way
John Dunton G1RXC follows up his previous piece (Practical Way, August 2019) by describing a homebrew PIC programmer.

Doing it by Design
Gwyn Griffiths G3ZIL offers a design for a calibrated noise source that you can build.

Exam Practicals
As a follow-on to his various features related to the new examinations syllabus, Tony Jones G7ETW turns his attention to the practical exercises.

Radio Eye on the Sky (Part 2)
Dr Bruce Taylor HB9ANY concludes the story of the origins of Jodrell Bank with the saga of the construction of the iconic Lovell Telescope.

What Next
Colin Redwood G6MXL starts the New Year by looking at the options for replacing an expired internal battery for the popular Yaesu FT-817 and FT-817ND transceivers.

Data Modes
Mike Richards G4WNC continues his tutorial on interconnecting SDRs and data modes decoders in software. He also has a new spectrum analyser from SDRPlay along with free Pactor monitoring and JS8Call news.

Notes from a Small Station
To round off his Footsteps project from 2019, Joe Chester MW1MWD ponders what did Marconi really achieve?

Making Waves
Steve White G3ZVW looks at propagation prediction software and websites.

Readers’ Letters
This month we feature a pre-war reminiscence, an unusual antenna, Morse Boot Camps and more.

Kits and Modules
Geoff Theasby G8BMI’s offering this month is a useful QRM eliminator.

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