Practical Wireless - August 2020

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Vol 96 No 8 August 2020

On Sale: 09/07/2020

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What's in this Issue?

•    Reviewed – DX Commander 10mABV Multi-Band Vertical, DSO Kit and Ham Cockpit software.
•    Making a start on the 630m band. 
•    A 4:1 transformer for terminating an end-fed wire.
•    Pedestrian Mobile – a story of how to do it.
•    New series – From the Ground Up.
•    Building a Bug Key from the Ground Up.
•    The basics for newcomers or returnees to the hobby.
•    The Eddystone S750, a veritable classic.
•    An update on the Bullseye LNB.
•    A Power controller, a USB microscope and a test probe – cheap kits.
•    The Z-match ATU.
•    An exciting month on the VHF bands.
•    Sporadic E livens up the higher HF bands.
•    Plus, all the latest news, readers’ letters and regular columns.

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