Practical Wireless - September 2022

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Three reviews, an Arduino project, reminiscing about 90 years of PW, a look at the PCR receivers, an intro to SSTV, Friedrichshafen revisited and much more.

On Sale: 11/08/2022

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What's in this Issue?

The September 2022 issue of Practical Wireless is now available. Here are some of the highlights:

Keylines: In this 90th anniversary issue Don is busy reminiscing.

PW at 90: Don wraps up the series with a look at PW’s most recent decade and some general observations.

Review – Austrian Audio PG16 Pro Gaming Headset: The editor takes a look at some headphones that might serve in the shack as well as being useful elsewhere in the home and office.

Review – the Xiegu GNR1 Digital Audio Noise Filter: Daimon Tilley G4USI checks out a newly launched accessory from Xiegu.

A Mini-DXpedition to Switzerland: Joe Chester M1MWD tries his hand at operating from a mountain before heading to Friedrichshafen.

Review – The RFinder B1: Joe Chester gets excited by the RFinder B1, to the extent that he actually buys one!

HF Highlights: Steve Telenius-Lowe PJ4DX returns home to find his antennas down, but has a full postbag as usual despite the summer downturn in band conditions.

Friedrichshafen, Another Perspective: To supplement last month’s report on the Ham Radio event in Friedrichshafen, we have a very personal take from our much-missed Small Station columnist Joe Chester M1MWD.

Moving Home and a Fresh Start with Amateur Radio: Richard White G6NFE continues his odyssey to get back on the air after a house move.

The World of VHF: On our 90th anniversary, Tim Kirby GW4VXE looks back at VHF coverage in the magazine and how things have changed.

Data Modes: Mike Richards G4WNC looks back on his time with PW but also has news of the latest addition to the Raspberry Pi stable.

SSTV: Billy GM6DX says “It’s not as hard as you think”.

The Fourteenth Practical Wireless 70MHz Contest: Colin Redwood G6MXL invites readers to participate in the Practical Wireless 70MHz Contest.

Valve & Vintage: Michael Jones GW7BBY not only covers the workings of the PCR series of receivers but offers some history of their use.

The “Dolphin” Straight Three: We reproduce a constructional article from the very first issue of PW, by F J Camm himself. 

How One Edition of PW Changed my Life: In response to our request for PW ‘stories’, Steve Hartley G0FUW explains how one edition of PW set out his course through amateur radio.

The Face Behind the Call: This month Roger Dowling G3NKH invites you to meet Mike Isherwood G4VSS.

An Antenna Relay Switching Unit: David Allen G8LHD has a design for an Arduino-based antenna switch.

Rallies: Locate a rally or event near you; we have our usual comprehensive list.

Readers’ Letters: Valved radio repair, Direct to Full and PW reminiscences all feature in this month’s Letters.

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