Practical Wireless - January 2022

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Reviewed, the Yaesu FT5D. A new SDR project and build a piece of test equipment. The face behind the call. The GB3KBQ 10GHz. Beacon. And much more.

On Sale: 09/12/2021

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What's in this Issue?

•    Reviewed, the Yaesu FT5D compared with the FT3DE.
•    Part 1 of a new constructional project to build an SDR receiver.
•    PW at 90. The celebrations begin.
•    The Face Behind the Call – start of a new series.
•    Orbital Dynamics – why Apollo 11 never left Earth’s gravity.
•    Christmas quiz – a quiz for the festive season.
•    The GB3KBQ 10GHz Beacon.
•    A Lab Tutorial, looking at  Kirchoff’s Law, Thévenin’s Theorem and Norton’s Theorem.
•    Antenna Tuning Units at Budget Prices.
•    More on audio cables (VACs) and a new Raspberry Pi.
•    Book Review: All Ships, All Ships.
•    The story of an early Superhet.
•    Plus, all the latest news, readers’ letters and regular columns.

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