Radio User - May 2022

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Aside from the very latest guides to worldwide broadcasts and podcasts, airshows, radio rallies, new books, and up-to-date European short wave frequencies, the May 2022 issue of RadioUser brings you a special focus on the very latest in software-defined radio and internet broadcasting.

On Sale: 28/04/2022

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What's in this Issue?

•    World-First Review: WiNRADIO WR-G69DDCe Excelsior Ultra SDR
•    Review: The Malahit DSP Software-Defined Receiver
•    Military: Tracking Flights over Eastern Europe | An Aerial for Ukraine  
•    Beginners’ Guide: Getting the Best out of Internet Radio
•    The Medium Wave Circle, A Commemorative Aerial and Transatlantic DXing
•    Essay: The Future of Radio (Part 1) 
•    Brilliant Music Genres on International Radio 
•    Radio Astronomy: The Jodrell Bank Observatory and Sir Bernard Lovell
•    History: Early Broadcasting Stations in Britain | The BBC in the 1970s
•    NCI: The National Coastguard Institution 
•    Airshows | Radio Rallies | New Books | European Frequencies.

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