Radio User - October 2019

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First UK Reviews for AirSpy HF+ ‘Discovery’ and Bush WI-1810 internet radio

On Sale: 26/09/2019

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What's in this Issue?

•    First UK Review: AirSpy HF+ ‘Discovery’ 
•    First UK Review: Bush WI-1810 internet radio
•    Review: WiNRADiO WR-G65DDCe Excalibur ‘Sigma’ Receiver: The Technology
•    Feature on Codebreaker Alan Turing, the Face of the new UK £50 banknote
•    Profile: The Royal Navy Amateur Radio Society (RNARS)
•    Two in-depth book reviews: Signals Intelligence / Aerials
•    London City Airport, and Transatlantic Air Traffic Management

On sale 26th September 2019

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