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Vol 14 No 11 - November 2019

On Sale: 24/10/2019

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News & Products
AirNav Radarbox features and bhi headphones; network analysers and marine radios; FM and satellite patch antennas, SDRPLay software and Wolfwave functions. News and publications.

The RadioUser bookshop caters for all your needs when it comes to the latest frequency guides, titles featured in the magazine, technical manuals, and much more besides. Have a look.  

Book Review 1  
David Harris evaluates an in-depth publication on the past, present and future of Irish Radio, its functions and reach. 

Book Review 2  
The editor takes a closer look at the 2019-2020 edition of Robert Connolly’s indispensable European Beacon Guide, for old buoys and newcomers alike in this hobby.

Airband News 
David Smith has some extraordinary news on web-based radar technology, looks at military ADS-B, and profiles ATC communications at Teesside International Airport.

Maritime Matters  
Robert Connolly explores the Maritime Band allocations from 2 to 26MHz, shares some advice on maritime aerials and achieves some remarkable monitoring results. 

Network Radio 
Chris Rolinson considers the health benefits that can come with Network Radio and looks at the experience of using the technology in very remote regions.  

RadioUser Competition 
Further to the previous contribution, here is your chance to win an Inrico T320 Network Radio. 

The National Hamfest 2019  
The editor offers impressions, information and images from this year’s Newark National Hamfest.

Utility Monitoring 
Nils Schiffhauer continues his investigation of HF utility signals on the aeronautical bands, listening to easy-to-receive transatlantic voice communications.

Scanning Scene  
Tim Kirby monitors data from an Inmarsat Satellite with a nifty, inexpensive, aerial and discusses some stimulating feedback on the Uniden Bearcat SDS200 receiver

Feature: The Experimental Receiving License, 1904 
Tony Smith assesses the procedures early wireless listeners and experimenters had to go through, in order to stay legal in the early days of wireless transmissions. 

The International Radio Scene 
Chrissy Brand reports form the 2019 European DX Council (EDXC) Conference in Andorra, checks out suburban DXing, and samples noteworthy highlights from the Brazilian radio scene.

Review-Essay: Tesla Rewired
In the light of a remarkable new book, and against the backdrop of some recent exhibitions and films, the editor reassesses the achievements of the great man in a wider context. 

Emerging Issues in Radio 
Chrissy Brand expands on radio at local events and stresses the value of minority languages broadcasting, while Tim Sutton-Brand introduces exhilarating technology podcasts. 

Digital Radio 
Kevin Ryan reviews an inventive DRM app, looks ahead at a new DRM receiver model and summarises the Summer of 2019, in terms of DAB and DRM broadcasting advances. 

Aerials Now!
Keith Rawlings offers advice on F type connectors and quad aerials, responds to feedback and revisits a vintage aerial setup from his past. 

Your images, comments, letters, e-mails and responses. 

Feature: Tropospheric Reception – From Isobars to Millibars 
Keith Hamer and Garry Smith explore the dynamic interaction between atmospheric physics, radio wave propagation, and weather forecasting. 

Review: Radio Stations in the UK and Ireland  
To round off this issue, the editor offers his views on this indispensable new resource by the British DX Club.

Rallies & Events 
Our most up-to-date events list of radio rallies, hobby meetings, and connected activities. 

Subscriptions Page 
Whether or not you saw our amazing National Hamfest offer, please think about taking out a subscription to your favourite radio magazine and get hold of all the content regularly. 

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